Rank: Intern
Birthday: 1988-10-31
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Relationship Status: Single
About Me

Sakei likes to age-slide. No one knows what age she's supposed to be. May be teen, may be early 20s. Just go with it.

Sakei is sarcastic, morbid, dry humored, pun-loving, manipulative, obsessive, vengeful, unstable, and unpredictable. She is known well around the Rocket labs as a high risk and troublesome patient, either from her own destructive compulsions to harm herself, indulge in elicit behaviors, large scaled attacks or direct conflict with peers. Due to this she is given large clinical doses of beta blockers and psychotropic medications to subdue her antisocial urges.

Sakei suffered many traumas in her childhood that were not addressed until her adolescence. Despite her emotional setbacks she earned high marks in the revered Executive Track at Rocket Technical Sciences and Vocational Training Academy, making her a top contender among her siblings for the coveted Executive Internship with Giovanni. It was this excellence that brought her more attention from Giovanni, besides her constant and exhausting rebellions against Rocket Tech establishment. During her time at Rocket Tech she excelled in her financial, management, and physical education classes which consisted primarily of mid-close range combat skills, including hand to hand techniques and a variety of small weapons mastery. 

Sakei's relationship with Giovanni is best described as dysfunctional, unhealthy, strange, and endearing. Even though they butt heads Sakei is very persuasive or down right sneaky when it comes to getting her way. She is also boy-crazy, obsessed with marriage, babies, and "having it all". Even though she has highly romanticized ideals and fantasies she still feels immense pressure to marry a social "equal" and battles against this pressure. She is adept to high societal standards and highly skilled at feigning interest and charm.

She is a supporter of the arts and enjoys the creative processes of others, especially in skills she is not adept at. Sakei plays the piano and knows a few disciplines of dance such as ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, rumba, and salsa. Her dancing hobbies, however, died off after her graduation from Rocket Tech. She is terrified of failure to a neurotic level. These fears are often what manifest her violent outbursts and self destructive tendencies. Sakei is rarely ever seen without a cigarette and is more short tempered than usual when she does not have one on hand.

Sakei has a difficult time forming healthy emotional attachments to others. While she is perfectly capable of being polite and cordial, she has very few people she trusts or even likes enough to call friends. She is instantly skeptical and distrusting around other people, especially women. People to Sakei are only worth what she can use them for.

Sakei's selected personal protection squad include:
Victor - Guard Track (Brother); Squad Commander
Joker - Ex-Marine
Ajax -  Ex-Marine
Conrad - Guard Track
Maksin - Guard Track
Ivan - Guard Track


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    Sakei: Weeding out the junk. #haha
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    Sakei: Aaaaggh
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    Sakei: I am a MASTERRRRRRRR
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    Sakei: My new tarot is drawn! Now to... color it... *shudders*
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    Sakei: 19 more days.... over 2 months -.- #school #done #masters
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    Sakei: I ought to make more videos.. Hmm.
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